Crusader Aviation Photography (C.A.P.) was founded by Patrick Roegies in 2003. My enthusiasm towards aviation started back in 1977 when the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force) was practicing with F-104 Starfighters in order to end the "train highjack", where the F-104's were meant to create a diversion by making an overshoot, kicking in the afterburner directly over the train. This is where my passion towards aviation was born. In that same year the anual Air Show was held at Gilze Rijen Airbase and a deployment of New Mexico Air national Guard A-7D Corsairs was taking place. Since this base was only 10 km from where I lived my parents allowed me to go there every free hour I had.  I got my first camera in 1984 taking pictures of both civil and military aircraft. After 1987 I started to visit airbases all over Europe and from 1997 onwards I made worldwide visits.

With this site I want to present you the opportunity to have a look at what I've been shooting the last 25 years. A selection of my large slide collection is presented in the photo sub page.

The site is built up in multiple subsites. A photo galery will show you some of my work the past 25 years. If you visit the photo site in the left upper corner you'll find a button called slideshows. If you choose that you can visit a number of pages presenting the events I visited recently.

This webpage also enables you to extend your own slide or photoprint collection. One of the possibilities at the slide subpage is to order slides of the different categories as presented, all the slides offered on this webpage are original Kodachrome 64 slides.

Since 2004 I started to write publications. In the subpage publications an oversight is presented of the list of the various articles.

Last but not least a "hall off fame" is added in order to present a variety of "top shots" taken in the past and more recently.

Hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions pleasevisit the contact subpage where you can find the contact information.

So take a look at the on-line portfolio of Crusader Aviation Photography and I hope you like the different presentations.

Patrick Roegies